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With the current situation many companies are reorganizing and restructuring, being able to count on effective and efficient staff as well-trained secretaries is essential. For these needs of the most far-sighted companies, offers online courses.

Milan, Italy, 2nd Oct 2022 – Companies are always looking for competent and efficient administrative assistants, PAs and secretaries, these workers are always very precious for their managers and for the company they work for, although many offer themselves for this position the good and competent people are fewer in number, so they are in high demand and get good increasing salaries based on their skill and training and other benefits: good and well trained secretaries / administrative staff are appreciated and sought after – no business on the market or public administration can do without them. 

Their range of tasks can be wide and can vary considerably; essential training and knowledge such as handling a phone call, office management principles, personnel issues, privacy, accounting and IT, soft skills such as knowing how to work in a team. From the experience in online training of a series of programs are born that in addition to basic knowledge also include the supervision of office staff, employment contracts and how to prepare for promotion to managerial positions:


  • Secretary of notary and legal studies: training is important since the secretary who works in the law firms comes into contact with different categories of interlocutors and secrets (clients, employees of other departments of the company, lawyers separated from the employer), are required good relational skills. A good presentation is also essential, especially within a company, since the assistant is often the first person with whom customers deal, couse is


  • The executive secretary is a profession of great responsibility: the executive assistant is a highlevel secretary, who supports the management in managing the daily activities of the company. In practice, all those tasks necessary for the good performance of the business are delegated to her and acts as a filter between management and other people, both internal and external to the company, course is


  • The required medical office secretary is essential as a meeting point for the needs of doctors and patients and you will explore topics such as human anatomy, first aid, medical prescriptions, elements for managing a doctor’s office and many others, course is



What you will learn with training as an administrative secretary


If you are considering a career as a secretary or administrative assistant, online courses are the perfect place to start. Without having to interrupt your commitments by knowing the role and responsibilities of each position, you will learn all the key skills needed and be informed of the various sectors in which you could work.

Starting with an introduction to these career paths, the course continues with an in-depth exploration of each role:

  • First, we will look at the requirements of an effective secretary,
  • good verbal communication,
  • ability to process documents such as letters, faxes, emails etc,
  • advice on appropriate behavior in any situation,
  • dealing with customers
  • work organization and documents.

You will discover the responsibilities of an administrative assistant, such as managing executive agendas, organizing meetings, writing, team management and basic accounting.

Ample space for transversal skills useful in the roles of secretary and administrative assistant:

  • definition of priorities,
  • time management,
  • planning,
  • methods of managing stress,
  • solve problems,
  • work as part of a team,
  • resolve conflicts,
  • write an effective cover letter,
  • key interview techniques.


By studying this course you will be able to:


  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of both professions
  • Learn key secretarial and administrative skills
  • Familiarity with soft skills and personality traits required in roles
  • Get directions to apply for a secretary or administrative position


Who will benefit from these administrative training courses?


The course will be useful if you want to know the roles and responsibilities of secretaries and administrative assistants and gain knowledge of the skills and characteristics required to be successful. You will discover the responsibilities of an administrative assistant, such as managing executive agendas, organizing meetings, writing, team management and basic accounting.



Staff training: Organizational impact of courses for secretaries

Companies that invest in training for staff involved in this role can expect:

  • Better understand the skills and competences required,
  • Develop skills that can contribute to the achievement of company objectives,
  • Have a better appreciation of the needs, perspectives and goals of others,
  • Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses better,
  • Have greater self-confidence,
  • Better manage pressures, tensions and demands in the workplace


Impact of online training on the worker


Attending these courses will involve:

  • Increased practical skills that can be used on the job
  • Better understanding of personality, self and others
  • Improvement of self-confidence
  • An understanding of the importance of networking
  • Superior  performance in their role
  • Acquire a range of tried, tested and proven approaches that can be adapted and modified to suit the specific case

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