ScaleX is now expanding its services into Asia!

Introducing ScaleX, a digital consultancy that is shaking up the industry with its innovative approach to data analytics. Now, ScaleX is setting sights on Asia – and believes that plenty of companies in the region have high growth potential. Emerging markets like Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand are particularly ripe for ScaleX’s digital disruption. These are young markets with a rapidly growing middle class – perfect for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other industries that target the mass market. In addition, they are digital-savvy, with high internet and mobile penetration rates, which provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach customers through digital channels.

ScaleX is a digital consultancy company. It is the brainchild of Junji Lim, a digital native who saw the potential for data-driven insights to transform businesses. The company has already made a name in Europe, with a portfolio of five companies valued in the eight figures. The key to the company’s success is to focus on digital-first companies and a data-driven approach to growth. The company has more than 100 active clients working with this platform, over 25 experts team advisors. Apart from that, the company successfully completed  200+ projects as well. 

Besides focusing on developing countries, ScaleX will also be setting bases in Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore, as it sees them as countries with big ambitions. For many decades, they have been working to develop their economies and ScaleX to improve their citizens’ living standards. As a result, they have managed to sustain healthy economies for an extended period. One of the critical factors in their success has been their willingness to open up their policies to foreign investment. This has brought in much-needed capital, helped create jobs, and spurred economic growth.

ScaleX believes that the fact that Asia is growing is more than just a synopsis of its market status. It is, perhaps, the most important potential benefit that an expanding business can use when planning an overall expansion strategy. Expanding into a region that has maintained an impressive level of sustainable growth is critical. Companies usually don’t want to rebuild an economy because things can initially be slow. Instead, most prefer to strike while the iron is hot, and that’s precisely how ScaleX aims to leverage the potential of Asia’s growth into a business benefit.

It took five years for Junji Lim and his team to build a working model for exponential growth based on data analytics. The know-how, experience, and ScaleX’s global peer networks across industries and countries set them apart from their competitors. “Having to choose whether to continue my work in Europe or try to expand in Asia was a no-brainer for me,” said Mr.Lim, the company’s founder, and CEO. And indeed, many Asian countries in the area have strong economic fundamentals, with robust GDP growth and low levels of debt. This, and the favorable policies towards foreign businesses, make them attractive markets for foreign investors.

With a team of dedicated digital specialists who understand the data landscape and how to use it to drive business value, ScaleX can deliver insights that help companies make better decisions, drive growth and improve efficiency. The company has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their growth potential and believes that its digital-first approach will be a game-changer in Asia.

About ScaleX:

ScaleX, is a digital consultancy company that is looking to change the game by leveraging data. The company was built upon the inefficiencies and formalities plaguing most agencies. ScaleX offers three different services- Digital Consultancy, Paid Advertising, and Digital Marketing Services that are designed to be more effective and efficient. If you’re looking for a digital agency that is committed to innovation and results, then ScaleX is the right choice for you. 

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Name: Junji Lim

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Phone Number: +60 12 8800 635



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