Our Staff

Brian Lopez

Brian Lopez has been the lead news writer at Economy Extra. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows thought in the expert industry coverage he provides. He lives in America but now he connecting to Economy Extra as a freelance writer and journalist.

Carl Diaz

Carl Diaz is an American editor, born and raised in New Auburn, Wisconsin. Carl passion is writing news articles. He writes number of articles and published it.

Gloria Ortiz

Gloria Ortiz can be found writing , designing, and developing all sorts of great content. She developed some own websites and currently she continuous her work in Economy Extra.

Jerry Cruz

Jerry Cruz is best known as an author. He wrote number of books as well as news articles and developing all sorts of great content. He was more experience in online news writing.

Nicole Gomez

Nicole Gomez investigative reporting has been featured on economyextra.com .She is author of stories. Nicole earned BA in English from texas college and she is currently based in USA .

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