Adrenaline Raises $2.4M to Shape the Future of AI-Powered Code Understanding

Adrenaline secures $2.4M funding to build tools for understanding and modifying large codebases.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 27th February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Adrenaline, an AI-powered code intelligence platform, has successfully secured $2.4M in funding at a valuation of $20M. The round was led by some of the top firms in Silicon Valley, including Google’s AI fund (Gradient Ventures) and Abstract Ventures. This investment is a major milestone for Adrenaline, which is on a mission to prepare developers for a world where most code is generated by AI.

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Malik, the founder of Adrenaline, says, “It is already challenging for engineers to understand a codebase their teammate wrote, which is why onboarding at a tech company can be so inefficient — taking up to six months in many cases. As more code at these companies is generated by AI, the demand for code understanding tools will increase dramatically.”

The decision to raise a seed round demonstrates the team’s dedication to long-term growth and innovation in the field of AI-powered code understanding. Since its pre-seed round, Adrenaline has transformed into a sophisticated code intelligence platform that can provide answers to various queries about code snippets, entire codebases, and third-party documentation.

Adrenaline was founded by Malik and Jonathan, who first started building software together in high school. Both have a background in artificial intelligence, with Malik working on the world’s largest neural semantic parser at Google, and Jonathan publishing peer-reviewed computer vision research at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. Malik and Jonathan are also no strangers to developer tools. Since they were teenagers, the two have built an ecosystem of open-source packages that have been used by hundreds of thousands of developers around the world. Shortly after ChatGPT was released, they teamed up to build Adrenaline at an AI hackathon in Silicon Valley. Overnight, the project went completely viral, garnering thousands of users in just under a week and trending in developer communities across the world.

Adrenaline has already made impressive progress, with a user base of over 100,000 developers and having answered nearly a million programming questions. The company stands out from competitors, by not only answering questions about codebases but using AI to generate system diagrams and visualizations to supplement those answers. This functionality has proven essential for developers to build an accurate mental model of their codebase.

The problem of interpreting large and unfamiliar codebases is growing as a result of AI. Adrenaline is tackling that problem by building software that turns hours of reading code into minutes for thousands of developers.

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About Adrenaline 

Adrenaline uses LLMs to help developers navigate and modify large codebases, among other technical challenges. The company was founded by Malik and Jonathan, with a mission to not only make developers faster using AI, but also smarter.

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